2023-2024 Broward College Transfer Guide

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Bachelor of Music 
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Majors: Instrumental Performance, Jazz Performance, Organ Performance, Piano Performance, Music Business, Music Composition, Music Education, Music Technology, Musical Theatre, Vocal Performance.

Admission Requirements

Special Notes


BC Course

FIU Course

        1. MUT 1111 Music Theory I
          MUT 1111
        2. MUT 1112 Music Theory II
          MUT 1112
        3. MUT 2116 Music Theory III
          MUT 2116
        4. MUT 2117 Music Theory IV
          MUT 2117
          1. MUT 1241 Ear Training and Sight Singing I
            MUT 1221
          2. MUT 1242 Ear Training and Sight Singing II
            MUT 1222
          3. MUT 2246 Ear Training and Sight Singing III
            MUT 2226
          4. MUT 2247 Ear Training and Sight Singing IV
            MUT 2227
            1. MVK 1111C Piano Class I
              MVK 1111
            2. MVK 1112C Piano Class II
              MVK 1112
            1. Complete four Principal Applied Lessons*
            2. Complete four Ensembles
            3. *Pre-Principal Lessons are not equivalent to Principal Applied Lessons.