2022-2023 Broward College Transfer Guide

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Tracks: Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis 

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Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Associate in Arts (AA) degree
  • Cumulative Transfer GPA: 2.0
  • All prerequisites completed with a grade of C or better 

Special Notes


BC Course

FIU Course

    1. PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology
      PSY 2012
    1. STA 2023 Statistics
      STA 2023
    1. *BSC course
      BSC XXXX
  1. *Choose from: BSC 1005, BSC 2010, or BSC 2085 (a lab is not required by the Psychology major, but may be required by BC for credit toward the AA degree).
  2. Choose ONE of the following:
      1. DEP 2002 Developmental Psychology: Child Psychology
        DEP 2001
      2. OR
      3. DEP 2004 Developmental Psychology
        DEP 2000
      4. OR
      5. Any 2000-level Psychology course at BC