2022-2023 Miami Dade College Transfer Guide

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College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

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Advising Information

Admission Requirements

  • Academic Progression Standards
    To progress into upper-division courses, students must complete the four foundational courses below (refer to table below for MDC equivalents) with a combined GPA of 2.5 or higher in two attempts or fewer. Drops after the add/drop period are considered an attempt in the course.
    • ART 1201C  
    • ART 1203C 
    • ART 2300C 
    • ART 2330C 
  • Completion of Associate in Arts (AA) degree
  • Cumulative Transfer GPA: 2.5 (Foundational Courses: 2.5)
  • FTCE-General Knowledge Exam - a state-mandated requirement for admission into initial teacher preparation programs. Students are strongly encouraged to pass this examination prior to transfer. For more information go to
    Students must pass the exam by the time they reach 72 credits

Special Notes


MDC Course

FIU Course

    1. EDF 1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
      EDF 1005
    1. ARH 2050 Art History 1
      ARH 2050
    1. ARH 2051 Art History 2
      ARH 2051
    1. ART 1202C Two-Dimensional Design*
      ART 1201C
    1. ART 1203C Three Dimensional Design
      ART 1203C
    1. ART 1300C Drawing 1
      ART 2300C
    1. ART 1330C Figure Drawing
      ART 2330C
    2. *Students can take ART 1201C - Basic Design or ART 1205C - Color and Composition 1 to satisfy this requirement.