2022-2023 Palm Beach State College Transfer Guide

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College of Arts, Sciences & Education

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Bachelor of Arts in English

Tracks: Literature, Writing and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, Linguistics


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Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Associate in Arts (AA) degree
  • Cumulative Transfer GPA: 2.0 
  • All prerequisites completed with a grade of C or better

Special Notes


PBSC Course

FIU Course

    1. ENC 1101 College Composition 1
      ENC 1101
    1. ENC 1102 College Composition 2
      ENC 1102
    2. *Any AML, ENC (beyond 1101 and 1102), ENL, LIT courses
    3. *These courses, and any others that require intensive writing and literary analysis, are strongly recommended to hone your writing skills in preparation for the analytical and critical writing you will do in upper-division English courses at FIU. Some of these courses may fall directly under PBSC's General Education requirements, but others can count as electives.